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Laura, a Profile
Laura was born on the 6th November 1991. Laura took two days to come into this world but being our first child she was worth every minute of the wait. We were such proud parents.

From the day Laura was born, she was always on the go. A very active baby who never slept but being first time parents we didn't care. We were totally in awe of this little human being. Laura was our little princess and the centre of our lives.

Two years later, Laura's brother Shane was born. Laura was so proud of the fact that she was now a big sister and from a very early age she showed her maternal instinct, taking Shane under her wing and teaching him everything she knew. Four years later Laura was ecstatic when her baby sister Anna was born. It was wonderful to watch Laura and Anna's relationship develop. Laura was so protective of Anna. This continued until Laura died.

Laura was a beautiful, intelligent, talented and caring young lady. She achieved so much during her short life. Laura was a very talented basketball player who, despite her size, never gave up. Laura has passed all of her basketball talents onto her little sister Anna, teaching her all the latest drills and practicing constantly at the net on our road. Laura was a wonderfully talented Artist, a talent that she developed herself from a very early age.

Laura had high aspirations to become a school teacher, an aspiration that she would have undoubtedly have achieved as she was naturally drawn to children and they to her.

Unfortunately Laura never got to fulfil her dreams as she was cruelly taken from us at the prime of her life. Thankfully the sixteen short years Laura spent with us were filled with joy and happiness and have left us with wonderful memories.

Laura was loved by everyone and touched so many lives.

We all will miss Laura forever and will never ever forget what a wonderful daughter and sister Laura was. Laura will remain forever in our hearts.

Pat & Nuala Brennan